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Syracuse.Net is a website for local musicians to offer their product...music, to local fans and friends. Perhaps, some not so local, and that's just fine.

Musicians appreciate you listening to their music. Take a moment and find a handful of songs you'd enjoy..

It's May-Day-Deal time...

Every sale gets an extra song, "Surf's Up", by United Kingdom's Anthony Purdy, shown below. Support these local Artists when you purchase their Original tunes.
From the United Kingdom...
Meet ANTHONY PURDY and better yet, catch several of his Original tunes on Page 2 of the Music List.. "Surf's Up" is our favorite.

Anthony composes, creates and records many of his tunes ... and they are very good.

Anthony also has a FANS Page here as well - check his video.

From Aruba...Let's welcome Martin Buitenweg
Martin shares his Original music with that recognizable Aruba tropical flavor for anyone to enjoy.

Take a listen to several tunes authored by Martin on Page 2 of our Music List and see if you agree...great flavor, great music.

Tom Van Dorn is from the Chicago area and offers his Original songs on Page 2 of our Music List.

Tom is a self-taught musician - guitar and piano, whose songs have been featured in short films and aspires to have his music one day featured in major motion pictures ..check it out!